“Those of us who have studied Spanish with Luis Cardozo know what a great teacher he is. The creativity and sense of humor that Mr. Cardozo brings to each lesson are sure to make SpanishNYC a success.”

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Learn spanish with the natural conversational approach to speaking to Hispanic people in NYC

Spanish Lessons for Business Executives & Professionals

Spanish is the Fastest Growing Language in the World of Business Everyone in the business world understands the importance of learning Spanish. Today over 25 million Hispanics are employed within the US work force at all business levels. Nearly 20 percent of the total population...
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A black and white picture of a Latin 6 string guitar in Spain.

Spanish Classes for Travelers to Spanish Speaking Countries

Spanish for Travelers to Latin America and Spain If you are looking to learn basic Spanish survival skills for travel to Latin American countries or, if you want to refresh the Spanish language skills you learned at school – and you’d love to be able to hold...
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Picture of business handshake. We provide a learning enviroment for you or your employees with a Natural Conversational Approach that teaches Spanish.

Basic Spanish words and phrases

This page contains useful Spanish phrases, expressions and words for everyday life conversations. Spanish greetings, and survival phrases that will help you if you simply want to know what to say when being introduced or chatting in Spanish! yes sí no no OK bueno hello!/hi ¡hola!...
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