“Those of us who have studied Spanish with Luis Cardozo know what a great teacher he is. The creativity and sense of humor that Mr. Cardozo brings to each lesson are sure to make SpanishNYC a success.”

Michael R. Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Mayor, Philanthropist. Read Our Testimonials

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“Those of us who have studied Spanish with Luis Cardozo know what a great teacher he is. The creativity and sense of humor that Mr. Cardozo brings to each lesson are sure to make SpanishNYC a success.”

Michael R. Bloomberg, Entepreneur, Mayor, Philantropist

“Luis Cardozo is a dedicated and creative teacher whose lesson plans deliver results. A patient guide who takes students step-by-step to their learning goals.”

Katherine Oliver, Commissioner, Media & Entertainment, City of New York

” I feel lucky that I’ve been able to learn Spanish at SpanishNYC. Their creative approach makes learning surprisingly easy and fun!”

Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus DDB Worldwide

“Luis Cardozo, the director of SpanishNYC, is a gifted teacher who has spent years developing this program while working with students at every level. Mr. Cardozo teaches with personality, creativity and humor; all in SpanishNYC designed to make studying fun as well as productive.”

Carmen DiRienzo, President and CEO, VeMe TV

“If you study Spanish with SpanishNYC they will take you on a journey in learning the language and culture of the Latino people in a way that is successful educationally and is a lot of fun to experience. Their excellent teaching style, combined with the enthusiasm and enjoyment for what they are doing, makes for an enriching and rewarding experience. Spanish NYC will enable students to experience Luis’s creative and successful instructional methods.”

Prof. Eileen Kaufman, Chairman, Psychology Department, Union County College and Psychoanalyst

“Learning Spanish at SpanishNYC has not only helped me in my career but personal life as well. My wife is half Ecuadorian; Their efficient teaching process has given me the ability to communicate with my extended family comfortably. I am looking forward to visiting them soon and using my newly acquired skills.”

David Futterman, Account Executive NBC Universal

“This is work? Studying Spanish with SpanishNYC means having an on-going conversation with an engaging, knowledgeable companion an hour and a half of lively talk about current affairs, art, literature, sports, your day with grammar brought in so you hardly feel it. I am thrilled with the progress I’ve made.”

Nancy R. Newhouse, Former Travel editor, the New York Times

“I have been studying Spanish for several years in New York and I have had a number of different instructors in both private and group lessons. SpanishNYC is far and away the best Spanish language instruction I have received. The classes are tailored to your individual needs and are offered privately or in a small group setting at a location convenient to you. The instruction includes the right mix of grammar, vocabulary, reading and conversation and, perhaps most importantly, the instructors are excellent, personable and a lot of fun.”

Brooks Olbrys, Attorney at Law

Studying Spanish with SpanishNYC is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. No more rote memorization of vocabulary and wasted time spent falling asleep over grammar exercises. Time seems to vanish during our lessons and each one is an inspiration to find ways to use and increase my knowledge of Spanish.

Carol Martin, Artist

I have been studying Spanish with SpanishNYC for more than two years, and have gone from zero knowledge of Spanish to a point where I am reading Spanish literature comfortably with the help of a dictionary and carrying on conversations in Spanish with confidence. My private tutor has wonderful energy, and he is enormously resourceful in finding ways to engage students and getting them to speak and THINK in Spanish.

William S. Niederkorn, Culture News Department of The New York Times

My professors at SpanishNYC have the skills to address the individual needs and interests of each student in the group. They are able to create a fun and comfortable environment, which allows for natural conversation to develop. With positive support, the instructors have been so motivating that I find myself more confident to speak Spanish in my daily interactions with clients, colleagues, and people in the community.

Tina Dimartino, Social Worker