“The path to learn a new language is not easy, but SpanishNYC makes sure to successfully accompany us all the way.”

Michael R. Bloomberg
Entepreneur, Philantropist, Public Servant

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You need a high-performing language school that’s recommended and trusted by world-class leaders who shape the future.

Clever, distinctive and strategically crafted, our Natural Conversational Approach (NCA) reflects a legacy of more than 20 years of the best educational practices within 15 years of operation. Our instructors have extensive experience identifying each student’s background and establishing a solid relationship that tailors our method to their specific needs.

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Private Sessions

Ninety minute private sessions are the most applauded by our students. These classes are the perfect option to get more out of our Natural Conversational Approach.



Whether your company is opening new markets in Latin America or appealing to new audiences in Spanish, your classes are tailored to achieve your specific goals and projects.



For your children and other family members, our family sessions are based on the family’s dynamics and ensure an enchanting learning experience.

Learn How You Want

Beyond the Natural Conversational Approach, our value is grounded in building close relationships with students. As educators, we understand what you want, and adjust to your personality in ways that improve your individual learning experience. Contact us about our personalized Spanish classes NYC.

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